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effects of alcohol poisoning

Effects of Alcohol Poisoning

While it may not seem like it, especially while you’re consuming it, alcohol can have some lethal consequences. One of the many downsides of drinking alcohol is alcohol poisoning, which can occur upon consuming an overwhelming amount of alcohol.

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court ordered rehab programs

Court Ordered Programs

Many of those in the criminal justice system have had a long history of psychosocial problems that have contributed to their substance abuse, such as:1

  • Interpersonal difficulties with family members
  • Difficulties in sustaining long-term relationships
  • Emotional and psychological problems and disorders
  • Difficulty managing anger and stress
  • Lack of education and vocational skills
  • Problems finding and maintaining gainful employment

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writing schedule what to expect iop

What to Expect in IOP

Intensive outpatient programs, also known as IOP, are recommended for people in the early stages of treatment, or those transitioning from residential treatment settings to life at home. This type of outpatient treatment is suitable for patients who don’t need full-time supervision. The goal of this type of focused recovery solution is to help people build on the skills that allow them to successfully face triggers in everyday life without losing sight of sobriety.

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