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Our Vision

The vision for Cypress West Intensive Outpatient Program is to be a benchmark of the highest quality addiction and mental health treatment services in the industry. In doing so we become a valuable asset and resource to both the people and the communities we serve.

Our Mission

The mission of Cypress West Intensive Outpatient is to transform the lives of our clients and their communities through the provision of the highest quality addiction and mental health treatment services available, characterized by:

Professionalism - Cypress West is comprised of highly skilled and qualified mental health and substance abuse counselors, who have thorough knowledge about the change processes we employ.

Empathy - At Cypress West we follow the mantra, “First understand, then be understood.”  We have deep respect for our clients’ experiences and the stories they have to tell.

Commitment - It is our consistent and unrelenting commitment to our clients and to the clinical process that establishes us as a benchmark of the highest quality available anywhere.

Service - It is a passion, not just an occupation of ours, to provide exemplary clinical services and to participate in the transformation of our clients and their families.


Slogan: "A Catalyst for Change"

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy at Cypress West Intensive Outpatient is that everyone can overcome addiction and substance use problems when provided with correct knowledge and skills coupled with experience, and an opportunity to both internalize and integrate those elements into their way of living. 


At the heart of Cypress West is a clinical model and process we believe provides the knowledge necessary to overcome addiction delivered in a manner that makes it accessible, and thus useful to our clients. 


We at Cypress West believe that two things must happen in order for clients to internalize and integrate: First, our counselors must be effective in working through denial, resistance, and mistrust while processing and exploring clients' belief systems, traumas, and past experiences.  Secondly, clients' sustained experience with this newly gained knowledge is necessary to fully internalize and integrate new learning, and to establish a level of trust and confidence in it.  


The Intensive Outpatient model gives Cypress West clinicians adequate treatment time to both educate and process, and gives our clients space outside of treatment to undergo the life experiences necessary for them to fully realize the changes they need to make in order to overcome addiction and substance use problems.