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Jo Sample Gordon, CAP

Marketing and Community Liaison

Jo began her counseling journey in central Pennsylvania in 1980 where she discovered her ability to make a difference in peoples lives by helping them overcome their addictions. Jo moved to Naples, FL in 1992 where she continued helping others find recovery through counseling, making a significant impact on the community here in South Florida. Jo has always been known as someone who has given herself to her work and demonstrates great passion for helping people while always treating them with dignity and respect.

Jo founded Counseling of Southwest Florida in 2006 to continue and expand her work in the community. She feels honored by the number of clients and their families she has been able to help over the years. Jo has grown with the practice as we have expanded our services to include mental health, parenting and prevention services and has helped focus our efforts to address the needs of our community and their families. Jo currently is our Community Liaison and is actively engaged with the community creating awareness and ensuring those in need have access to our programs. Jo has devoted 40-years of her life to making a difference and continues to find the same passion and enthusiasm for helping others that she had when she began her journey in Pennsylvania.


Melissa Turvey Seabury, LMHC

Primary Therapist

Melissa is a Supervisor and Primary Therapist at both of our Airport Road South and Golden Gate locations in Naples, Florida. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Hodges University and has been working in this field for the past four years. Melissa continues to broaden her education and is currently working towards her EMDR certification. As a Counselor Melissa has worked with individuals with domestic abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and trauma. She is often called to advocate for her clients and has experience working in conjunction with case managers, the judicial system and other health related professions.

Melissa also has experience with diagnoses such as anxiety, depression and Bi-Polar Disorder. Her clientele includes children, adolescents, and adults in both individual and group settings. Melissa’s therapeutic focus is person-centered, and strength based. She believes in an eclectic approach in order to meet the client where they are and use the appropriate strategies that will assist them in achieving both their short and long-term goals.


Andrew Pierce, MA

Primary Therapist, Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient

Andrew Pierce graduated with an Advanced Practice Master’s degree from the premier addiction counseling program in the world, the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies in Center City, MN. He was the second student in the school’s history to be invited to lecture to the entire patient population and had an A+ GPA.

Andrew has thousands of hours of clinical experience helping those with addiction and co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD and codependence get what they want out of life. Andrew is also a person in long-term recovery who can relate to the experiences his clients are going through, which is beneficial on many levels.
He loves working with family members and those in relationships with people in active addiction, or who may be in relationships with those in the recovery process. Working with this population is important because, ultimately, recovery and treatment is about creating the conditions for healthy relationships and human connection, which is where love resides.