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Admissions Process

At Cypress West we want your admissions experience to be:

  • Informative
  • Supportive and encouraging
  • Transparent and clear

It is our company’s commitment to you that every potential client experiences these 3 things when reaching out to our program for help.

The admissions process begins with your phone call.  Our knowledgeable admissions specialists will:

  • Thoroughly assess you or your loved ones needs to ensure we are the best choice for you.
  • Thoroughly answer all of your questions and review our treatment program and model with you so you can understand the entire treatment process.
  • Work through the financial and logistical issues to ensure you understand the cost of your treatment experience, and ensure we can attain as much insurance coverage as possible to assist you in your cost of care.
  • Will work with you all the way through the process until a decision is reached, and will also be there to support you and your family as you go through the admissions process.

We accept most insurance, and our admissions specialists have extensive experience in coordinating and working with your insurance provider to establish coverage for your treatment services. Because we our committed to results and our model encourages a long term commitment to the treatment process to ensure those results, insurance may not cover your entire experience. If insurance doesn’t cover any or all of your care, we will clearly establish your treatment cost and do whatever we can to develop a financial plan that works for you.


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