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court ordered rehab programs

Court Ordered Programs

Many of those in the criminal justice system have had a long history of psychosocial problems that have contributed to their substance abuse, such as:1

  • Interpersonal difficulties with family members
  • Difficulties in sustaining long-term relationships
  • Emotional and psychological problems and disorders
  • Difficulty managing anger and stress
  • Lack of education and vocational skills
  • Problems finding and maintaining gainful employment

Courts can influence these offenders by requiring participation in mental health or substance abuse treatment program.

What is Court Ordered Rehab?

Judges, lawyers, those in law enforcement, and many others understand that not all criminal offenders deserve to spend time in jail. Court-ordered rehab is mandatory drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation ordered by a judge as part of a court ruling, usually delegated instead of jail time or time in prison. They come with a set of eligibility requirements, as well as successful completion, in order to satisfy sentencing in the case. The goal of court-ordered programs is to help addicted individuals rehabilitate to prevent additional crimes in the future.

Am I Eligible for Court-Ordered Treatment?

You could get court-ordered rehab if the crime you committed was nonviolent, or if you committed it because of your dependence on drugs. You may also be eligible for this kind of program if the court believes that you’re the type of person who would benefit from substance abuse treatment.

Do I Have to Pay If My Treatment is Court Ordered?

Yes. Defendants have to pay for their rehabilitation, even if it’s ordered by the court. Defendants also have the right to choose which treatment center they’re admitted to. The cost of the focused recovery solutions will vary.

Completing a Court Ordered Program

When the offender has been given the opportunity to go to inpatient or outpatient treatment, it does not negate a sentence. In order to avoid jail time, offenders must complete their treatment program as specified by the court. That being said, if you leave treatment or relapse before your rehab program is complete, you will be incarcerated.

At Cypress West Intensive Outpatient, we provide a continuum of care. If you or a loved one is seeking help, contact our admissions staff today.


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