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The Cypress West Clinical Model

What sets our intensive outpatient treatment program apart from other treatment providers is the consistent adherence to a comprehensive clinical model and curriculum. The clinical model has been developed by the founder, Casey Portner LMHC, CAP, of Cypress West over his 11 years of clinical experience successfully treating substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

We believe our clinical model effectively captures the core elements and change concepts necessary to overcome addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our model teaches these proven concepts and provides experiential learning opportunities for clients to practice and transform them into effective skills sets and habits.  It is our client’s ability to practice these newly acquired habits and skills which allows them to not only overcome addiction, but to achieve wellness and overall health in many areas of their lives.

Our clinical model utilizes evidenced based therapeutic strategies throughout the treatment process, heavily relying on cognitive behavioral therapy specific to substance abuse, anxiety and depression.  Our clinical model is also informed by experiential and action-based elements necessary for recovery and change with clients participating in activities and experiences outside of treatment; a process proven to be necessary and vital for a successful outcome.

All clients receiving recovery support services will develop a recovery plan with their recovery support specialist, which will guide the direction and gauge the overall progress of the service. It is our belief that those who completely give themselves to this treatment process will not only achieve recovery from their addictions, they will experience a mental, emotional, and physical wellness not formerly achieved.

The Cypress West Operational Model

While the intensive outpatient treatment modality is nothing new in our industry, it is the overall quality of our clinical and nonclinical team members, our attention to detail in every aspect of the treatment process, from admissions to the alumni program, that makes our program exceptional and increases the likelihood of success for each one of our clients. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow during the recovery process and we guide them every step of the way.

We are purposefully a small program so that we may provide consistent focus and attention to each client, ensuring that they are receiving the highest quality treatment possible. Our staff-to-client ratio leads the industry in Southwest Florida and we are committed to providing successful treatment for the long-term. Recovery is an ongoing process that requires a strong support system in your corner to help you through hard times.

We believe that what sets us apart is the combination of our meticulous operational process along with our unique, comprehensive clinical model.  With these elements in place, we believe we can effectively treat and overcome the addiction epidemic that ravages our country. If you or a loved one is suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction or a mental health disorder, it’s never too late to get the help you need today. Contact our treatment center in Naples for more information on our unique clinical model and how we can help you transform your life.