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Treatment Program Overview


Cypress West Intensive Outpatient is a substance abuse and mental health treatment program located in Naples, Florida. Intensive outpatient treatment allows our clients to receive a comprehensive and effective treatment experience, while continuing to live at home and within their own community. Intensive outpatient treatment is perfect for those who do not have the resources or flexibility to take time away from work, school, or family matters, but still need regular substance abuse and mental health treatment.

In our humble opinion, the treatment industry has shown poor results in effectively treating addiction in recent years. At Cypress West, we have developed a clinical model that perfectly complements the intensive outpatient treatment framework. Our clinical model is our answer to this growing issue; we can do better.


Our Treatment Model



The treatment of addiction and mental health issues requires the identification of the root. We don’t just fix alleviate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms for a short-term solution. Instead, we identify the root causes of your suffering, and treat your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, all of which are the primary targets of a substance use problem


It is our attention to every detail of the treatment process from admissions to successful completion that makes the difference. When you work with our team of substance abuse and mental health counselors, you’re armed with people who are passionate about helping you live a better-quality life.


Our model utilizes evidenced-based practices, proven to overcome the problems they were developed to treat through extensive research. Cypress IOP is not a one-size-fits-all program to treat substance abuse or mental health issues. We understand the depth of such issues and thus conduct provide extensive assessments to develop individualized programs that will work for you.

The model is only as strong as the hardworking team behind it. That’s why we’re equipped with a team of professional and effective addiction and mental health practitioners to deliver it.  At Cypress West we have meticulously searched to employ only the best therapists and specialists, whose passion and clinical effectiveness are only equal to the model they employ.

We believe it is this combination that truly sets our program apart from others. In reviewing our website, if you aren’t convinced of the same, please call one of our admissions specialists to learn more about how Cypress West Intensive Outpatient can change you or your loved one’s lives.


Length of Program

One of the most consistent research findings related to effective substance abuse treatment outcomes is length of treatment.  The longer a client can stay in the treatment process the more likely it is they will achieve lasting change from their substance use problems.

Our complete Model consists of 3 phases, lasting up to 24 weeks.  We encourage everyone to commit and engage through all 3 phases, as this will truly give you the best chance at success.

Phase 1 is the Intensive Outpatient Phase.  This phase lasts 8 weeks and is 10 hours of group and individual therapy per week.  In phase 1 is where the bulk of our clinical model is delivered.  Clients become indoctrinated in a process of discovering the nature of their addiction, and are given the skills and strategies to overcome it

Phase 2 is considered the outpatient phase of treatment.  This phase lasts 4 weeks and consists of between 3 and 4 hours of group and individual therapy per week.  In this phase our clients continue to implement strategies learned in treatment with a decreasing amount of clinical support, encouraging personal responsibility and interdependent recovery.

Phase 3 is considered the aftercare phase of treatment.  This phase lasts up to 12 weeks and consists of 1 to 2 hours of group and/or individual therapy.  Phase 3 is characterized by practice.  Clients in phase 3 are practicing recovery and life skills necessary to recover, and receiving weekly therapeutic support and guidance from their phase 3 counselors, in conjunction with the support they are receiving from their natural support system.


Successful Completion of Treatment

 A client who has successfully completes all 3 phases of treatment at Cypress West Intensive Outpatient will have achieved the following:

An understanding of the physical, emotional, mental and social aspects of the addiction process as it relates to their experiences and lives.

Clarity and acceptance of their substance use and the problems it has created in their lives.

An understanding of the underlying causes and factors in their personal addiction story.

An understanding of the process of change and recovery as it relates to their substance use.

Development of a change plan that comprehensively addresses personal aspects of their addiction process.

Ability and willingness to execute the change plan both during and beyond treatment.

Internalization and integration of a change process that will not only enable the client to achieve long term abstinence from substances, but to achieve health and wellness in many aspects of their lives.

No longer do you or your loved ones have to struggle with the debilitating disease of addiction. All it takes is 24 weeks to turn your life around. With Cypress IOP’s addiction and mental health treatment in Naples, you or your loved one can receive intensive treatment while still remaining and active part of their family, community, and workplace. Cypress IOP makes it possible to receive treatment and regain control of your life without missing a beat. Call our admissions coordinators today for more information on our individualized programs, and take the step to change your life for good.