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Recovery Support Services

Cypress West employs recovery support specialists to assist clients who may need additional support and guidance in the outpatient phases of our treatment program. Our recovery support specialists spend additional time with clients outside of the treatment setting to assist them in implementing recovery strategies and skills. This is how we ensure our clients can develop the natural support systems necessary to achieve long-term recovery after inpatient treatment in Naples.

All clients receiving recovery support services will develop an individualized counseling plan for recovery with their specialist, which will guide the direction and gauge the overall progress as time goes on.

The recovery support specialists at Cypress West are considered a part of the clinical team. They communicate regularly with the client’s primary counselor and treatment team to ensure congruence and cohesion in our IOP addiction help.

A client’s primary counselor will recommend or suggest adding a recovery support specialist when a client is not making necessary progress in practicing and implementing learning, skills, and strategies outside of the treatment setting.

Clients have the option of implementing one of our specialists from the beginning of treatment as an additional source of support to enhance the overall treatment process.

Therapist and patient. Recovery support services are key

Recovery support can also be provided through treatment, services, community-based programs, peer providers, family members, friends, social networks, and people with experience in recovery.


Case Management Services

Our clinical team at Cypress West can assist in coordinating community services necessary for our clients to achieve success in our treatment program. Additional case management services may be utilized for clients who require structured and supportive housing while in IOP. This is often the best option for those who are struggling to maintain abstinence in their home environment. Our case management team can find and coordinate sober living placement for those in need.

Case managers can support individuals going through IOP addiction help by referring them to the people and services they need, during or after their inpatient treatment in Naples. They work with providers to discuss the progress of clients, as well as any additional care needed, such as healthcare or dental services.

A client’s primary counselor would discuss and coordinate with their client prior to providing additional case management services to ensure agreement and acceptance of any case management plan.


Cypress Recovery Solutions

Recovery-oriented care following a client’s inpatient treatment in Naples can help to manage conditions successfully. Individuals can improve their health and wellness with the recovery support from Cypress West, a reputable source for individualized counseling plans and IOP addiction help. Contact us today to take a positive step towards a happier, healthier lifestyle.