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What is a Substance Abuse Assessment & Evaluation?

The substance abuse assessment is a thorough evaluation designed to definitively establish the presence or absence of a diagnosable substance abuse problem. The results of the assessment are used to suggest what is likely to be the most appropriate type of treatment when tobacco, alcohol, or drug abuse in an individual is evident.


How We Assess our Patients

The Cypress Recovery Solutions assessment model utilizes proven, evidenced-based practices to activate and facilitate the change process. Our clinical model organizes the timing and application of these practices in a way that maximizes their effectiveness in treating substance abuse and mental health disorders. These practices include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Abuse

As part of an individualized treatment plan, Cypress Recovery Solutions uses cognitive behavioral therapy with individuals to help them identify self-defeating thoughts and behavioral patterns that may fuel their addictions.


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

Our substance abuse experts have found cognitive behavioral therapy to be effective in the treatment of panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder, among many other conditions.


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

At the heart of cognitive behavioral therapy is the assumption that a person’s mood is directly related to his or her patterns of thought. Negative, dysfunctional thinking affects a person’s mood, sense of self, behavior, and even physical state.


  • Solution Focused Therapy

At Cypress Recovery Solutions, our addiction therapists utilize a goal-directed, collaborative approach to psychotherapeutic change that is conducted through direct observation of clients’ responses to a series of precisely constructed questions.


  • Motivational Interviewing

With motivational interviewing, we work to facilitate and engage intrinsic motivation to change behavior associated with alcoholism and addiction.


  • Mindfulness Training

At Cypress Recovery Solutions, our therapists use mindfulness training to open the minds of our patients in a way that allows them to observe their thoughts within that moment and to become more positively engaged individuals on a daily basis.


  • 12-Step Methodology

Ultimately, the goal of our therapists is to prepare patients to follow a course of action for recovery from substance abuse, compulsion, or other behavioral problems.


How Long is Treatment?

Cypress Recovery Solutions’ Intensive Outpatient Program has 3 phases, lasting up to 24 weeks:

Phase 1

This will involve Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) lasting 8 weeks (patients attend 9 hours of treatment per week.)

Phase 2

Involves Outpatient Treatment (OP) for 4 weeks (patients attend 3 hours of treatment, weekly.)

 Phase 3

The final step in the treatment phase includes Aftercare Outpatient Treatment for 12 weeks (patients attend 1-2 hours of treatment per week.)


The major benefit of outpatient treatment is that individuals are able to:

  • Receive care while they continue to live at home
  • Continue to work and attend school
  • Remain close to a supportive network of friends and family