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Addiction and mental health disorders can cause unhealthy and ineffective relational dynamics in a household. Because Cypress West’s IOP model is developed for patients to live in the comfort of their own home, strong family relationships are imperative to assist clients through their treatment and recovery.

Cypress West IOP offers a family program that runs concurrent with our intensive outpatient treatment and outpatient treatment phases. Our family program is individualized to meet the specific needs and issues of our patient’s family, marriage, or partnership.  The family program also assists family members in developing effective relational dynamics that support and enhance the changes being made in treatment. Family program consists of family or couples therapy sessions, as well as access to a family support group with other patient’s family members.


Why is participation in our Family Program important?

Cypress West encourages all clients and their families to participate in our Family Program.  Our Family Program consists of family and/or couples therapy sessions during treatment, as well as ongoing family support groups for the family members of our clients.

Primary therapists work with clients and their families to determine the appropriate time to schedule and conduct family therapy sessions.  Scheduling and frequency is individualized to each client and their particular needs and experiences while in treatment.

The family support group meets on a regular basis continuously throughout treatment and is meant to be a source of support and collaboration with other clients’ parents, spouses and loved ones.


We have listed the two most important clinical and therapeutic reasons as to why we strongly encourage families to participate:

  • Addiction greatly impacts our clients’ families and meaningful relationships. When clients enter into recovery, their families also enter into recovery. Unhealthy relational dynamics developed during active addiction will not go away immediately because clients have stopped abusing substances.  The damaged trust, and jeopardized intimacy needs healing and work to be restored.  Our Family Program is designed to help facilitate the healing process.
  • Because our clinical model is an Intensive Outpatient model where our clients will likely be living with their families and spouses. It is important that they establish a home environment that is conducive to the change process clients will be going through in treatment.  Our Family Program will assist families in identifying, establishing, and enforcing healthy boundaries and expectations at home so our clients may maximize their treatment experience.