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Opiate addiction affects so many lives in this country. There can be serious dangers to worry about when someone is fully addicted to painkillers. An opiate addiction can hinder someone’s ability to properly function, and the cycle of constant drug abuse can result in an unfortunate ending for this person and their loved ones. Luckily, there is effective treatment available that can help an individual truly overcome this disease and live a healthier lifestyle in recovery. Opiate addiction treatment should be customized to meet the needs of the person struggling, and there are resources designed to ensure long-term sobriety. Cypress Recovery Solutions, our addiction counseling center in Naples, provides patients with an individualized counseling plan that will help them truly overcome an opiate addiction and achieve long-term success.


Customized Opiate Addiction Treatment


Seeking professional help from a drug and alcohol treatment center is the first step towards recovery. Admitting you have a problem will allow you to open up to the hope of a changed lifestyle. Opiate addiction treatment will begin with a drug assessment to determine the necessary components of your individualized treatment plan and the length of treatment that is required. There are numerous levels of care, such as an intensive outpatient program, detox programs, and outpatient programs that will guide individuals through the recovery process. Clinicians and therapists will work with each patient to match them with the level of care that is needed for a successful outcome.


Opiate rehab will include individualized and group therapy sessions that get to the root of the addiction and help people understand why the disease was formed in the first place. By working one on one with a therapist, you are able to talk through your struggles and learn productive ways to move past the addiction. Depending on the person, you may be administered medication during the treatment process to help you ween off of the drugs. Opiate drug counseling at Cypress Recovery Solutions includes monitoring our patients every step of the way and we provide the best care possible.


Our clinicians and therapists are dedicated to guiding each patient through the entire process to make sure that long-term sobriety is reached. We connect our patients with a supportive network, so once treatment is completed they can be surrounded by inspiring individuals who will help them stay on track. We focus on realistic goal setting through each of our customized treatment programs, and help individuals put into action what they learn during their stay with us.


Overcoming an opiate addiction is possible. With the help from medical professionals, you can leave the past behind you and move forward in recovery. If you are battling an opiate addiction, it’s time to get the help that you deserve. Contact Cypress Recovery Solutions today to learn more about our drug counseling services and what to expect during customized treatment.