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How does our substance abuse treatment program work?

Cypress Recovery Solutions offers an in-depth substance abuse treatment program in Naples, Florida. By combining years of experience, education, industry knowledge, and a team of trained counselors, our aim is to bring honesty and compassion back into the world of addiction treatment. There are far too many people are struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol that cannot find the proper help they need to get clean and stay clean. Additionally, recovering addicts must be taught the coping mechanisms and development skills necessary to continue to facilitate a long-term sober lifestyle. That’s where Cypress Recovery Solutions can step in to offer a unique recovery program that not only encompasses substance abuse treatment, but also helps the client to learn and grow as an individual into the lifestyle they’ve always wanted to achieve for themselves.

No two individuals are going through the same struggle, which is why we offer individualized counseling plans for every man and women that takes the bold step to change their lives.

Intensive Outpatient substance abuse treatment at Cypress West is specifically designed to provide a treatment experience that will:

  • Provide a dynamic learning experience where our clients attain knowledge on the science of addiction and substance abuse. This knowledge will help them to understand their personal experiences with substance abuse better, which will assist in overcoming it.
  • Provide both educational and experiential learning opportunities that allow for the acquisition of skills and strategies that work in helping clients overcome their substance abuse issues. Our experienced therapists assist our clients in practicing and incorporating these skills and strategies into their lives.
  • Allow our addiction counselors to thoroughly process and explore clients’ doubts, concerns and questions surrounding everything they experience and learn while in treatment. We feel this is necessary to assist in making an authentic commitment to their recovery, and gain real acceptance about who they are and what they need to do to change and recover.
  • Give clients the freedom to practice and to incorporate the recovery skills and strategies that they learn in treatment into their personal lives and then process those experiences and outcomes when they return to treatment for their next session.

Every addiction is different, and every addict will receive personal care and an individualized counseling plan on an unmatched level in the treatment industry.

There’s no reason you should wait another day to make the change that could save your life. Whether for yourself or a loved one, call Cypress Recovery Solutions today. Our substance abuse and mental health treatment program can accommodate your needs with three different locations in Florida, all led by a dedicated team of treatment experts. Our team will walk you and your loved ones through each step of our program to ensure complete transparency, honesty, and teamwork in recovery.

Types of Substance Abuse and Addictions We Effectively Treat

Our intensive outpatient treatment program will effectively treat the following substance use problems:

  Opiate Addiction
  Prescription drug addiction
  Alcohol addiction
  Co-occurring disorders
  Heroin Addiction
  Cannabis addiction
  Benzodiazepine addiction
  Amphetamine addiction
  Cocaine addiction