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The Importance of Drug Addiction Treatment

It is estimated that more than 23 million Americans have struggled with drug use, and of these people, the majority never got help. Addiction is a horrible disease that can cross into many aspects of a person’s life. From their personal relationships to their mental health, the person struggling with drugs or alcohol can quickly fall into a downward spiral that can be difficult to pull themselves out of on their own. Not only will the person abusing drugs be affected, but their loved ones will suffer as well.


Often the only way to change this downward trend is for the addict to get drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Proper addiction treatment will not only help the addict overcome their substance abuse problems but also help them mend other aspects of their life that have been damaged by their addiction issues. If the person struggling never gets help, matters will only get worse and could end in an overdose.


Our Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment in Naples

Addiction is not something you or a loved one needs to struggle with on your own. There are far too many people struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol that cannot find the proper help they need to get clean and stay clean. At Cypress West Intensive Outpatient, we offer addiction treatment programs that work to help patients move forward with their lives free from drugs or alcohol. With years of experience, relevant education, and the latest industry knowledge, our addiction and mental health treatment center does everything in their power to make sure our patients leave our facility and never have to come back.


At Cypress West Intensive Outpatient, we understand that no two individuals are going through the same struggle. While some people may find solace in drinking to cope with mental health issues, others may struggle with an opiate addiction problem from chronic pain. From heroin to cocaine, we are here to help. When patients first enter into our addiction treatment, they will undergo a substance abuse evaluation so that we are able to create a care plan that is tailored to their specific needs and gives them the greatest chance of long-term success. From here patients will be placed in our IOP or OP care where they will partake in numerous programs and therapies for a thorough approach to alcohol and drug abuse treatment.


Our substance abuse treatment in Naples helps patients to:


  • Learn about the science behind addiction and substance abuse
  • Understand the connection between their addiction problems and their personal experiences
  • Practice strategies that will help them overcome their substance abuse problem
  • Learn how to apply these strategies to their life outside of treatment
  • Address their doubts, concerns, and questions about getting and staying sober
  • Accept their wrongdoings and learn what they need to do to change
  • Partake in self-discovery and personal growth
  • Learn to address and confront drug triggers
  • Create helpful coping mechanisms to facilitate a sober life


There’s no reason you should wait another day to make a change that could save your life or the life of your loved one. Contact us today. Our addiction treatment program will walk you and your loved ones through each step of the recovery process.



  1. NIH – 10 percent of US adults have drug use disorder at some point in their lives



Types of Substance Abuse and Addictions We Effectively Treat

Our intensive outpatient treatment program will effectively treat the following substance use problems:

  Opiate Addiction
  Prescription drug addiction
  Alcohol addiction
  Co-occurring disorders
  Heroin Addiction
  Cannabis addiction
  Benzodiazepine addiction
  Amphetamine addiction
  Cocaine addiction